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Commercial Bankruptcies May Come Back With a Vengeance in 2023

In 2023, corporate bankruptcy filings are predicted to increase Funding that kept many struggling companies afloat during the pandemic has ended, and further speculation is fueled by ongoing global supply chain issues, rising inflation, and an impending recession. Against this backdrop of uncertainty looms a massive wall of corporate debt, with more than $200 billion worth of high yield bonds due in 2023 alone. This ‘perfect storm’ of macroeconomic conditions, which has ravaged markets for the

Global Supply Chains are a Minefield of Hidden Risks

In the days before Candy Crush and our daily Wordle, there was Minesweeper. We’ve all played, right? It was the clickable grid with hidden mines scattered throughout and by using logic, you determined where the flag should be placed without detonating any mines. Why are we talking about a game from the 90’s? Let’s imagine your supply chain as a minefield. RapidRatings acts as a “minesweeper”, flagging the areas of risk surrounding the “landmines”, so

Driving Disruption: How the US Trucker Shortage Hurts Supply Chains

With the summer winding down, one thing is certain… the holiday season is just around the corner. In recent years, that has meant a rise in supply chain disruptions and delays. Although things don’t look as bad as they did last year, there will still be challenges. As labor and material costs rise, interest rates increase, and supply chain problems persist, truck driver shortages will also exacerbate the situation. How the Trucker Driver Shortage will

RapidRecap: ProcessUnity Customer Summit

Last week, RapidRatings participated in the ProcessUnity Customer Summit 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The three-day client-focused conference included platform bootcamps, best practice seminars, and discussions of industry trends. ProcessUnity is an active partner of RapidRatings and RapidRatings was one of the featured partners at the event. Attendees were clients of ProcessUnity, as well as joint clients that also use RapidRatings and leverage the API connector. ProcessUnity integrates with RapidRatings’ Risk Management API, providing their clients

Did You Know RapidRatings Can Predict the Future?

Okay, not really, but we can predict when a supplier’s financial health is at risk. We use our predictive analytics, to provide insights into third-party partners, suppliers, and vendors. You can make better risk management decisions when you have an accurate and forward-looking view of a company’s financial health. At RapidRatings, we believe financial health is the most important key risk indicator to evaluate and monitor. Understanding the financial risk of your supply chain will
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