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11 digitally native retailers at risk of bankruptcy

These companies were meant to be disruptors to the industry. But as macroeconomic pressures intensify and capital gets harder to find, they may be put to their biggest test.
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If there has been one thing missing from the supply matrix these past 18 months it would be stability. From delays and out of stocks, to smoother sailing and excess inventory, extremes have become the industry norm.
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Bed Bath & Beyond Warns of Potential Bankruptcy

The home goods retailer said weak sales and slower foot traffic had forced it to consider options for restructuring. The retailer estimated that it would record a loss of $386 million in its latest quarter.
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Commercial Bankruptcies May Come Back With a Vengeance in 2023

Funding that kept many struggling companies afloat during the pandemic has ended, and further speculation is fueled by ongoing global supply chain issues, rising inflation, and an impending recession. Against this backdrop of uncertainty looms a massive wall of corporate debt, with more than $200 billion worth of high yield bonds due in 2023 alone.
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Global Supply Chains are a Minefield of Hidden Risks

RapidRatings acts as a “minesweeper”, flagging the areas of risk surrounding the “landmines”, so you can navigate safely. While we also use logic to flag risks, we use predictive analytics to identify and mitigate risk, and devise strategies for surviving interruptions in supply chains.
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