Risk Management API Suite

Increase Transparency and Automate Risk Management Workflows with API Suite

Download API Data Sheet

See how the API will bring efficiency to your risk management program.


Increase productivity and risk transparency with the RapidRatings Risk Management API suite. The new API suite enables the integration of the FHR® with leading GRC and e-Procurement platforms, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and SCRM tools, and in-house systems to automate workflows and run increasingly complex risk management scenarios.

Current API integrations that are live include Hiperos Opus, Markit KY3P, ProcessUnity, Rsam, and various in-house systems.

Download API Data Sheet

See how the API will bring efficiency to your risk management program.


Develop Integrated Risk Management Dashboards for a Holistic View of Risk

Mature risk management programs combine many different data sources and risk metrics to gain a 360-degree view of the risks to their business.  To manage and mitigate risk, Financial Health Rating data should be integrated with other risk data sources.  The API suite will help to build a risk management dashboard that allows you to:

  • Gain instant access to advanced analysis for thousands of public and private companies globally
  • Improve transparency throughout the relationship lifecycle of vendors, suppliers, investments or counterparties
  • Increase collaboration between business units across the enterprise


Integrate Financial Health Data into Existing Systems or Platforms

Existing risk management programs often have leading platforms or internally built systems to view risk.  Increase efficiency by combining financial health data with existing workflows within these platforms or systems for a holistic view of risk.  Learn more about pre-built integrations with existing partner technologies and view our full list of partners here.


Automate Data Entry & Extraction Processes to Gain Efficiency

Many clients have financial health data for their counterparties and need an efficient way to process the data into Financial Health Ratings.  Automate the traditional data entry and data extraction processes to support a new level of ratings insight.  The RapidRatings API helps to scale credit and investment risk management processes by developing advanced financial analysis capabilities.

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Financial Health API Modules

Portfolio Health

Get a complete picture of the financial health of your entire supply chain or credit risk portfolio. Access current and historic FHR scores and other key financial performance indicators for public and private counterparties.

Financial Analysis

Leverage RapidRatings’ repository of financial statements for your public and private counterparties to build custom risk analysis processes and solutions into risk management workflows. Access the underlying, historic financial data (balance sheet, income statement and cashflow statement) for private counterparties and public companies.

FHR Generator

Instantly generate FHRs and other key performance indicators for your counterparties. Companies that have access to counterparties’ financial data can integrate directly into internal origination or spreading platforms to automate the distribution of this data in the Financial Health System.

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