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What Tupperware’s money problems say about direct selling

Tupperware stock took a big hit on Monday after the company said late last week that it has doubts about its ability to “continue as a going concern.”


Credit Crunch: Tightening Markets Could Spell Trouble

Accessibility to credit will determine which companies—upstream and downstream—sink or swim in 2023.


Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Hit a New Low. Bankruptcy Could Still Happen.

As Bed Bath & Beyond ‘s stock price plummets to historic lows, the retailer finds itself yet again on the brink of bankruptcy—a place that has become altogether too familiar for the company.


Bed Bath & Beyond again warns of bankruptcy as it seeks to sell $300M in stock

The home goods retailer has repeatedly and narrowly avoided bankruptcy in recent months.


Facing bankruptcy, Bed Bath & Beyond tries to raise more cash

Bed Bath & Beyond is proposing a new $300 million stock offering as the retailer continues to stare down possible bankruptcy after terminating its fundraising agreement with HB Capital Management.


SVB's shadow over consumer and retail

Silicon Valley Bank fallout may not hurt consumer-facing companies immediately, but is likely to have longer-term consequences, industry sources tell Richard.


11 digitally native retailers at risk of bankruptcy

These companies were meant to be disruptors to the industry. But as macroeconomic pressures intensify and capital gets harder to find, they may be put to their biggest test.


Bed Bath & Beyond's alienation of vendors played key role

One of Bed Bath & Beyond's worst mistakes in attempting a turnaround was disenfranchising its vendors, says James Gellert, the CEO of retail credit rating agency RapidRatings.


Buybuy Baby Is Bed Bath & Beyond’s Juiciest Asset. What Happens to It Next.

As Bed Bath & Beyond faces a growing risk of bankruptcy, the question of what will become of its strongest asset, Buybuy Baby, has loomed large.


Bed Bath & Beyond Can’t Pay Its Debts. Here’s What Happens Next.

Bed Bath & Beyond admitted what many industry analysts have suspected for quite some time—the company is quickly running out of cash and can’t pay off its sizable debt.

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