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‘It’s a tough industry out there’: A look at the furniture supply chain’s challenging year

Operational headaches have contributed to financial failures among some suppliers. That has created problems for retailers — and opportunities.


The Middle-Market Rip Current That Might Spoil the Economic Bliss of 2024

Even if the Fed lowers its benchmark interest rate, more medium-sized private companies will face dire financial straits this year, according to new research.


RapidRatings’ James Gellert: Boeing declines in financial health rating

James Gellert, RapidRatings executive chair, joins ‘The Exchange’ to discuss the financial health of Boeing, shipping companies, and more.


There's a hidden crisis hurting mid-sized companies

Many of America's smaller private companies are struggling financially, but you may not have realized.


The "riptide" economy, explained

If you're looking exclusively at public companies to assess the health of U.S. businesses, you're missing a big piece of the puzzle.


Private US Companies Increasingly Going Bust as Profit Shrinks

Private US companies are seeing their earnings and profit margins collapse after the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes have lifted financing costs, and are increasingly going broke, according to a report.


Innovative automotive company files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The once-promising company incurred a mountain of debt, which led to a breakdown.


Bankruptcy Watch: Struggling retailer's CEO blames lazy workers

The struggling company's CEO has challenged his employees in a way many consider wildly inappropriate.


Tesla rival faces growing bankruptcy risk

It has been a rough period for a number of electric-vehicle makers as demand has been soft.


Macy’s Stock Soars After Buyout Bid. Its Real Estate Is Attractive, Experts Say.

Macy’s has once again become a takeover target, and the stock is soaring.

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